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Driver's Manual

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Michigan Motorcycle Manual Online 2024

Exhilaration, convenience, ease of transport, fuel economy and reduced maintenance costs are some of the reasons to operate a motorcycle in the state of Michigan.

Like anything else, there are pros and cons to this means of transportation. Motorcycling poses some of the greatest dangers on the road, for those on the bike as well as other vehicles. For this reason, the state of Michigan has a number of stringent rules and regulations governing the operation of motorcycles on its roadways.

The Motorcycle Endorsement

In order to legally operate a motorcycle on public roadways, you’ll need to have a valid Michigan driver’s license with a motorcycle endorsement. Getting a motorcycle endorsement requires passing a vision screening, a written knowledge test and a motorcycle safety course or a motorcycle skills test. The specific requirements differ for teenagers and adult applicants.

To apply for a motorcycle endorsement, teenagers 16 and older must:

  • Have a valid Level 2 or 3 Graduated Driver License
  • Complete an approved motorcycle safety course
  • Pass the written knowledge test

To apply for a motorcycle endorsement, adults 18 or older must:

  • Have a valid driver’s license
  • Pass the written knowledge test
  • Pass the motorcycle skills test or pass an approved motorcycle safety course

Michigan Motorcycle Operator Manual

Whether or not you choose to take the motorcycle safety course, you’ll still need to pass the knowledge test. So it’s important to get a hold of the Michigan Motorcycle Operator Manual, which is released by the Secretary of State. The Manual is comprised of the following sections:

  • Preparing to Ride – This section discusses the procedures that safe riders must undertake before setting out on a trip. This includes wearing the appropriate gear, becoming familiar with their motorcycle, checking the equipment and being a responsible rider.
  • Riding Within Your Abilities – This section talks about the techniques and skills of a defensive rider. Main issues include: basic vehicle control; lane positioning; making appropriate judgments in traffic; dealing with intersections; increasing conspicuity; avoiding collisions; riding on dangerous surfaces; coping with mechanical problems; animals on the road; flying objects; passengers and cargo; and riding with a group.
  • Being in Shape to Ride – This section explores the impact of drugs and alcohol on your judgment as a rider.
  • Earning your License – This helpful section provides a number of practice questions for the written exam. It also lists some techniques you’ll probably be tested on during the on-cycle skills exam.
  • Three-Wheelers – This section presents supplementary information for the operation of three-wheeled vehicles.

This is just a sampling of the Michigan Motorcycle Operator Manual. Whether you’re an experienced or novice rider, you can always learn a thing or two from this Manual. It’s a must-read for any motorcyclist. Read on below!